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Glass Cremation Momentos in Sacramento
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"Glass Memorials" are crafted by glass artisans who create works of art that contain a minute amount of the actual cremains of your loved one and these keepsakes encase jewelry and flowers and other memories. In today's very mobile society, people can find themselves living far from a loved one's final resting place. These create portable tributes that can always be part of your life no matter where you are.

Handling someone's ashes is a serious responsibility. All of the cremains are handled separately, carefully hand-sifted and then carefully placed individually in each piece of glass to create a permanent work of art. All of these tributes are made by hand, here in the USA, and individually signed by the artist who made them. "Glass Memorial" remeberances are the ideal gift or display of a loved one to bring the continued comfort of having him or her always near.

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