Pacemaker Donation

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Pacemaker Donation

Each year 1-2 million individuals worldwide die due to a lack of access to pacemakers. The University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center is performing a research study to acquire FDA approval and begin a clinical trial to determine if pacemaker reutilization is a safe and effective means of delivering healthcare to those with great need in underserved countries.

In a recent survey, almost 90% of individuals with pacemakers said they would donate their device to others in need if given the chance.

Undoubtedly, pacemaker reuse can safely and effectively transform a currently wasted resource into an opportunity for a new life for many citizens in our world! When you donate a pacemaker a loved one no longer needs, someone desperately in need gets one step closer to a new lease on life!

Talk to your one of our Counselors about donating your loved one's device to Project My Heart Your Heart. There is absolutely no cost to you or your loved one's estate and after you sign the consent form, we'll take care of all the details.

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