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Thumbies Jewelery in Sacramento
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Thumbies are personalized memorial charm that is a truly unique piece of jewelry, crafted from actual fingerprints, handprints, or footprints. In an amazing blend of modern, high-definition scanning technology and the ancient process of lost-wax casting, the prints are made into artisticly stunning and intricately-detailed jewelry. These charms really are the ultimate keepsake and a fitting memorial tribute to any loved one! They are a deeply moving way to remember a parent, spouse, sibling, child, or friend and to keep their memory alive and close to you in your daily life.

These personalized print charms are available in a wide selection of sterling silver and 14K yellow and white gold. The "standard" size charms are roughly size of a dime and the "grand" size charms are about as big as a quarter. Every charm is listed individually on their own web pages. You may select a small synthetic birthstone or a genuine diamond if desired to be included at the top of the charm (on the "bail" or hoop that connects it to a chain or necklace), lending additional elegance to each piece.

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