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What to do when death occurs
  1. Family member or nurse calls Simple Traditions at (916) 488-2894 and informs us that a death has occurred. If a death occurs at home, death must first be pronounced by someone with authority to do so (Hospice nurse, doctor, sheriff, paramedic or coroner). If neither of the above is present to pronounce death, family should call 911 and inform the operator that a death has occurred. Make sure to tell the operator that no sirens or lights are necessary as death has been expected and an authority is requested to pronounce.

  2. Our representative arrives at place of death or place of removal. The decedent is wrapped in a cotton sheet and taken to our holding facility.

  3. Decedent is temporarily stored in refrigeration until cremation is authorized to take place.

  4. On next business day our representative phones the family to set up an appointment to discuss arrangements and sign authorization forms, unless previous arrangements have been made. We will prepare all necessary legal documents such as the death certificate, disposition permit and any other required paperwork. Unless member has a pre-paid contract, payment in full must be met before cremation can take place.

  5. We will prepare the death certificate for the attending physician to complete and sign.

  6. Cremation can take place after the death certificate and cremation permit have been filed with the County and cremation authorization has been signed.

  7. Disposition of ashes takes place, i.e., return of ashes to family or scattering at sea or over the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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